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Technology Services

Our technology services aim at to assist our clients in developing their inventions into innovations with our global network of consultants. There are many SMEs around the world whose core businesses are based on technologies and who believe that their technologies can be used overseas and/or for other applications or with different business models. Targeting mainly at those companies, we provide the following services to explore and realise the full potential of their technologies. (For our UK and European clients, we cover Japan and emerging markets in Asia.)

Support for exhibiting at overseas trade fairs and exhibitions

We have analysed marketing and promotion strategies of various companies and concluded that for many of them, exhibiting at trade fairs and exhibitions is the most effective means of marketing and promoting their technologies and products. It offers opportunities to talk directly with potential buyers and to listen to their opinions; and such opportunities may lead to actual business agreements. As part of our technology services, we provide the following support for exhibiting at overseas trade fairs and exhibitions:

  • Proposing suitable trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Cost estimation
  • Communications with the event organisers
  • Proposing exhibition contents and supporting the production of exhibition materials, such as translation
  • Support at the exhibition site, e.g., communicating with visitors, networking with other exhibitors
  • Follow-ups, i.e., follow-up contacts with visitors

Finding licensees of intellectual properties

We support finding licensees of patents and know-hows, including technologies and software. The following is a summary of our service:

Item Description
Scope of service Joint development of marketing documents, contacting target market companies and providing contracting support including negotiations.
Reporting responsibility Submission of monthly reports of marketing and sales activities including contact logs.
Contract period Six months, with possible extension. Exclusivity not required.
Fees Development of marketing documents: £1000-£2000
Retainer fee: £6000-£12000 (£1000-£2000 /month)
Success fee: 15-20% of license fee.
Expenses Transportation, accommodation and daily allowances for trips for marketing and sales.

Supporting international R&D collaborations

Globalisation has practically removed national borders from business activities in terms of market, supply chain, technology, products, services, human resources, etc. In addition, the technology intensity and multi-functionality in products and services are increasing. Accordingly, R&D collaborations between companies are becoming common with increasing cases of international collaborations.  

The growing global issue of energy transition and carbon reduction will further promote international R&D collaboration. With our expertise in energy and carbon and our project management capability, we support R&D collaborations between Japanese and European companies.

Technology consulting

Technology companies make a large investment in R&D every year. However, it is not easy for a company to develop an invention into an innovation and achieve commercial success. The objective of our technology consulting is to support that development by providing detailed analyses and best strategies.  Our service includes the following:

Issue Description
Market analysis Project the size and analyse the characteristics of your target market to justify R&D investment.
Scenario development Prepare various scenarios to assess risks involved in the commercial development of your technology.
Financial feasibility studies Project cash-flows to assess the financial viability of your technology.
Compliance risk assessment Develop a robust plan that is compliant in terms of all relevant laws and regulations.
Competition analysis Identify the market positioning of your technology to fully exploit its potential.
Strategy advice Develop a strategy to guide your technology into commercial success.
Marketing Communicate the real value of your technology to potential distributors and users.

Case Study #1: Tidal energy technology company​

We provided a series of research and consulting services during the technology development process, including a project structure study, a cost-related survey, a preliminary financial feasibility analysis, etc.

Case Study #2: Smart city technology company

For the preparation of a demonstration project, we provided compliance information relevant to the EU together with other key information.

Case Study #3: E-government solutions company

We supplied a monthly report concerning latest developments in the area of e-government programs in the EU for more than 10 years.

Case Study #4: Harbour equipment technology company

We carried out a comprehensive market analysis including competition analysis of different types of high-tech equipment in China, ASEAN countries and other emerging markets in Asia.