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Message from the Chairman

London research international (LRI) is a British company I founded in 2003, together with three other partners. The main strength of LRI is to have both the ability of carrying out research work in all the regions of the world swiftly and the expert knowledge and capability of implementing strategy/business consulting work. LRI has experience of performing research work in over 80 countries.

We cover diverse areas including laws and regulations, markets, company strategies and business models, and technologies so as to meet the various needs of our clients. The clients we have served include companies in such sectors as energy, IT, engineering consulting, research, etc., as well as organisations in the public sectors such as Ministries of Economy, Trade and Industry; Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications; Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Tourism; and Health, Labour and Welfare of the Japanese Government; JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization); JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency); JBIC (Japan Bank for International Cooperation); JCCME (Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East), etc.

LRI has an extensive network of consultants. By mobilising those consultants as required, we are always prepared for the latest themes or issues within the economy and business, for example, the digital government, PFI/PPP, renewable energy, market liberalisation and structural separation of network infrastructure, smart city, investment opportunities in Africa, municipal energy business, technological innovations, etc. Today, we are involved in projects related to energy transition, ESD/SDGs and digital transformation.

In addition, we are spending more time for our business support services, for example, finding business opportunities and overseas partners for our clients and offering knowledge outsourcing services. By offering proactive services, we hope to become a strategic partner of our clients for their overseas businesses.

Teruhiko Tsumura

Our Strengths

We hope to be your trusted London/UK partner. We would encourage you to make the best use of our strengths and advantages.

The advantages of London and the UK where we are based:

The UK remains the gateway to Europe for international companies from around the world. International companies often have bases in the UK, particularly in London, that cover the markets of Europe, CIS countries (former Soviet Union), the Middle East and Africa. Some companies, including US IT and financial companies, have various headquarter functions in London as their turnover outside the US has become larger than that of the US. The reasons for the above include:

The strengths we have at LRI:

LRI has been providing research and consulting services in over 80 countries in all the regions of the world for a period of almost 20 years. Our experience brought us the following strengths:

Quality Assurance

LRI is committed to quality. In line with ISO 9001 requirements, we have an in-house Quality Assurance (QA) Programme and a stringent QA manual. The manual details procedures for all the phases of a project, from Client Enquiry to Post-project Review. For major projects, all reports including draft reports, are reviewed and approved before submission, not only by the person who is in charge of QA for the project but also by the person who is appointed by our QA Committee. Post-project reviews by the QA Committee ensure the effectiveness of the QA Programme for all types of projects. Customer satisfaction is a core of LRI’s QA Programme. The QA Committee often conducts a Customer Satisfaction Enquiry both during and after project implementation, regardless of the project size.

Company Profile

Company Name
London Research International Ltd.
Company Registration

United Kingdom

  • Company Registration:5004849 (England and Wales)
  • Registered Address:Crane and Partners, 5-7 Newman Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 1RJ
118 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5EA, United Kingdom
Main Business
・Global research
・Strategy consulting
・Business support
・Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK
・Institute of Directors (IoD)(Teruhiko Tsumura)