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Partnership Building

Today, companies are seeking overseas partners for various reasons. For example, when expanding business overseas for the first time, it is not common to start everything from scratch on your own in the new market that you are expanding into. It is becoming common practice to have a partner to achieve results faster and effectively and to mitigate risk. LRI will be able to find your partner particularly in the following areas:

Product Sales

LRI will find a local agent or distributor who already has a sales network or sales channel in the market.

Project Delivery

LRI will find your overseas partner to deliver projects together. Partners don’t necessarily need to be located in the country where your project is delivered. For example, you could collaborate with a European company to deliver a project in Asia.

Technology Licensee

LRI will be your company’s overseas partner to find licensees.

Collaborative R&D

Companies often bring their own expertise together to create innovation. Also, there are many universities which have excellent R&D skills. LRI will find your R&D (innovation) partner.

Outsourcing Project

LRI could be your partner, or LRI could find a more appropriate partner as needed.