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Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing services have focused on relatively simple labour-intensive work so far, however in a highly uncertain business environment, a high degree of specialised knowledge is required to be outsourced in order to improve work efficiency by making it as versatile as possible. We provide high-level specialised intellectual services and value-added services required by client companies using our extensive network of specialists.

In-house financial consultant

When a Japanese company expands into the UK, it is normal practice that sales and technical expatriates are seconded to perform management operations, however they will need to operate a finance/ accounting operation as well using local resources. Nevertheless, due to local laws, customs, and unique circumstances that are different from those in Japan, it may take more time than they envisaged and it may affect their main work. In order to spend more time on management work, LRI provides financial function services that meet your needs. We provide advice on building financial functions according to the size of your company, introduce advisors according to your company’s case as an outsourced CFO, and support communication and negotiations with advisors.

Consultant Maiko Ariizumi, Managing Director
(Certified Public Accountant)

Owner’s representative services

Owner’s representative services LRI provides owner’s representative services including management of owner’s project or subsidiary or a local office.