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Business Development in Japan

LRI will be your trusted and reliable business partner, able to understand not only your company’s products and services but also your company’s vision. We specialise in doing business with Japanese clients and supporting market entry in Japan. We can help with four areas: Communication, Direction, Preparation, and Market Entry.

Effective communication is the key to success in business development between Japanese companies and overseas companies. It sounds easy and straightforward, but can actually be very challenging, as a thorough understanding of the differences in ways of doing business, market structures, culture, customer mindset and social structure between the two countries is needed. This understanding can come only from experience and a small amount of communications support can make an important difference to the overall result.

We will take the lead on written and verbal communications, manage your relationship with your Japanese clients and stakeholders, and engage Japanese audiences effectively and productively. If your company’s ultimate objective is to enter the market in Japan, LRI can carry out preparatory work to enable your final decision, and build a clear strategy and work plan for you to follow based on our knowledge of how the market works in Japan and on our extensive business network.

With LRI as your business partner, you will soon find yourself able to focus on your business without worrying about unknowns or differences, and you can look forward to opportunities to grow your business.

Market Entry

Supervise and lead your market entry strategy. Build a list of potential clients and key stakeholders for you to meet. Build links into key networks including UK and Japanese governments and form a virtual team to support your business.


Represent your company to your Japanese client. Manage and lead all written and oral communications and negotiations with Japanese companies. Work as a facilitator in all meetings to make sure you can say what you want to say, in a way Japanese clients feel comfortable with and understand. Make sure both parties achieve their objectives from the meeting. Review your draft presentation to Japanese audiences. Supervise your email communication with your Japanese clients.


Tailoring your social media, website, case studies, and documents for a Japanese audience, to expand your Japanese client base.


Gather and present market information, outline what you need to consider, and provide a checklist of actions to inform your decision-making process before entering the Japanese market.