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List of Strategic Partners


SagamiI Chemical Regulatory Works


Chemicals registration and consulting services including preparation of SDSs. Mr. Hiroshi Hayashi, the managing director, was engaged in the R&D of semiconductor and related materials for more than 20 years. He started his current business based on his experience of dealing with regulations for the materials he developed.



A research, advisory, and analytics services company based in India that provides reports and bespoke research on India’s burgeoning energy and infrastructure sectors. Energy, Natural Gas, Resources, Transportation, Roads, Ports, Highways, Aviation, Water, Sanitation, Agriculture are some of the sectors in which the company does a significant amount of work to assist companies to sustain and grow in the challenging India market.

Hiroyuki Nakazato


Advice for market development particularly in Central and Eastern European countries for products made by small and medium sized companies. Mr Nakazato has experience of expanding the sales network into countries in Central and Eastern Europe, CIS, Middle East and North Africa, while managing existing distributors in Western European countries as a representative in Europe for a Japanese company.