A clear, detailed and comprehensive report on the opportunities and challenges in key areas of the power sector value chain in sub-Saharan Africa.

The electricity sector is growing rapidly in sub-Saharan Africa. A stable supply of electricity has been identified as a key factor for further economic development by many sub-Saharan African governments. With over 70 per cent of sub-Saharan Africa without access to electricity and the increasing industrialisation of the region, the growth potential for the sub-Saharan Africa electricity sector is huge. African governments are implementing institutional reforms in order to increase private investment.  Oil and gas resources, as well as high hydro and solar power potential, in the region has led to accelerated development of generation capacity.

In such a dynamic and diverse environment, our report provides clear, detailed and comprehensive information on the opportunities and challenges in key areas of the electricity sector value chain for the region. This report will be indispensable to suppliers and investors looking to enter or further their presence in Africa. The report includes a Regional Analysis and detailed case studies of South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania.


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