LRI offers a team of in-house experts in the technology field, who closely follow the latest technology market developments and trends. Our staff have an excellent understanding of the needs of companies looking to expand their overseas client base for technology services and products.

Our staff have technical expertise in traditional and innovative IT environments, with experience of system design, implementation and operation. This expertise and experience is used in all technology research and consulting exercises. We monitor European technology and IT industries on such issues as e-government programmes and IT procurement practices. Apart from research and consulting, we also develop databases and other technology solutions.

Bespoke Technology Marketing IT System

For technology marketing projects, LRI uses a bespoke IT system to implement direct technology marketing initiatives. The system comprises a database of companies worldwide, a flexible reporting system, a newsletter administration system, a contact log system and other marketing support systems. We have a dedicated team of members who maintain, continuously expand and update our technology database. The database includes companies in industries such as renewable energy, green technology, IT, and energy efficiency. Through this IT system, LRI administers all technology marketing activities and regularly reports to clients on the status and response of technology marketing efforts.

Environmental Newsletters

Each month, LRI puts together a technology profile for an company that we feel is bringing something new and unique to the energy and environment market. These profiles are distributed free of charge and are a good representation of our abilities to introduce a new technology, highlight its key features, identify advantages over competitors, and discuss the vision that an company has for their technology. The latest editions can be viewed by returning to the home page.


Introducing: “”

One of our key technology marketing roles is the promotion of the latest “green” technologies and products. Our website, (GTE), is a good example of our promotion capabilities. GTE is a video-based platform for companies and institutions to showcase their environmental innovations, products, and technologies on a global scale. The portal is geared towards European-based entities, regardless of size, and provides a no-cost, non-exclusive marketing & promotion tool.

The website allows visitors to view videos and brief descriptions of the displayed technologies. Each technology has its own profile page, with a customizable space available for the technology owner. Interested parties will be able to make enquiries via a data-protected contact form. The website may be viewed by all, but the majority of visitors will be investor groups, media, government policy-makers, academics, and consultants. As the number of visitors increases, the site is expected to function as a high-value venue for both B2B and B2C marketing. The current version of the site may be viewed here

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