LRI provides research and consulting services, including in-depth analysis of developing markets, government policies and regulations in diverse sectors of the economy, and provision of technical knowledge for investment projects in developing countries. 

As a service provider, we bring you:

  • Worldwide Coverage

We act as a single point of contact for research projects undertaken anywhere in the world. Our services and reports have been used by governments and companies from Europe to the Middle East to Asia. Our London-based staff members speak a variety of languages.

  • Specialisation

Our specialist areas are energy and the environment, infrastructure development, information technology and risk management. We have also extended our expertise into such areas as transportation, agriculture, green technology, chemical regulations, and healthcare.

  • Qualified Staff

Our staff members and associate consultants and researchers are experts in their fields, which include law, accounting, finance, economics, engineering, energy, environment, marketing, international trade and international relations.

  • Diverse Services

Technologies – For technology research, we undertake survey and statistical data collection, and can further carry out data processing and analysis by using statistical packages such as SAS and SPSS.

Commercial StrategiesWe advise clients on the best commercial strategies available, based on detailed analysis of the product or service, as well as the target market.

Policy and Regulation AnalysisWe provide expert analysis of the policies and regulations in various sectors of European and North American economies, including EU and US policies and directives.

Markets  We frequently provide sector (and market) analysis to companies planning to enter the European market or expand their operations in Europe.


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