LRI provides expertise for PPP projects outside of the UK. We have mobilised the UK’s most qualified experts to provide the highest standard support for public and private sector clients in all major infrastructure sectors.

PPP Consulting


At LRI, we have mobilised the UK’ s most qualified PPP (public-private partnership) experts, all of whom have a wealth of experience working on key projects for investors and governments at the highest level. We aim to provide British Expertise for PPP projects outside of the UK. Click here to download a flyer on our PPP & Infrastructure service. LRI’ s dedicated team covers: (1) all the major sectors, including transportation, education, health, energy, water and defence, (2) all stages of the project cycle, from inception to training and operation, and (3) both public and private sector clients.


Professional services worldwide 

With abundant professional human resources in-house and also on our HR database, we mobilise engineers, economists, sector-specialists and environmental experts for engineering consulting projects worldwide.

Project finding and development

LRI is active in project-finding worldwide. At LRI, we work with private-sector investors as well as with lending institutions, in particular, in the energy and infrastructure sectors. We can develop an investment package that includes feasibility studies for investors and financial institutions. 


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Project Management


PPP has become a popular government procurement method for large-scale projects in many countries. The use of PPP has resulted in significant change in the ways public works are financed, and public infrastructure is operated and maintained. Our accumulated knowledge and experience with PPP enables us to develop project and financial structures suitable for projects in various sectors and to provide consultancy services in the operation and maintenance of various types of public infrastructure.

We have supported infrastructure development projects by providing professionals, such as economists, environmental experts, engineers, regulatory experts for network infrastructure, and by furnishing feasibility study reports. We have also prepared a publication primarily for the consultants working for infrastructure development projects: Land Acquisition Manual.

Case Study #1: PFI and Public Libraries in the UK

The main objective of the study was to obtain detailed operational, financial and contractual information on the use of PFI for public libraries in the UK. Two high profile cases were analysed in the study, by conducting interviews with those who are involved from both the authority and consortium sides. The need for structured periods of short-term flexible contracting to meet changing service demands within the overall contract period was found to be critical.

Case Study #2: Study on Software Packages for Operation and Maintenance of Trains

This study was subsequent to a research concerning the latest trend of PFI/PPP in the UK for the same client, who intended to enter the operation and maintenance business in the railway sector. In the study, European suppliers’ software systems for train operation and asset management were analysed. There are several packaged systems for train operation, which are easy to use with a few weeks’ training, although no complete asset management systems are available in the market yet. It is expected that more packaged systems will become available as more companies enter the train operation and maintenance business.


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