• Technology Consulting and Marketing

    www.GreenTechEurope.com is a video-based platform for Europe’s most innovative technologies relating to energy, alternative fuels, transport, emission reduction, water, and more. Also find the latest related news, technology features, and events.

  • Development and Infrastructure

    Project Management Consultants Africa (PMC Africa) is a business unit of London Research International Ltd of the UK, with a representative office in West Africa. It offers comprehensive investment-related business services ranging from pre-investment studies, to project execution and operation management. PMC Africa also provides consulting services for development projects funded by international and bilateral donors, mobilizing consultants from the UK and other countries, as well as local professionals to ensure the best outcome.

    Go to www.pmc-africa.com to find out more.

  • LRI Consultant Database

    Our growing database of regional experts in such areas as engineering, economics, environment, infrastructure development, community development and management consulting.

    If you are a consultant and wish to be included in our database, please go to Recruitment for further details.

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